Ballyhoo Photography & Video is built around a core principle, passion and personality – embodied in each of our main photographers. However we are constantly looking for new ninja talent, creativity and personality to add to our growing team of shooters. Most of our shoots are located in Sydney, but we often get asked to shoot events around the state and in Australia.

If you have the potential, we’ll aim to find the opportunity, but here’s what it takes:




There are three important qualifications for all of our shooters

  • An awesome personality: The greatest commodity we treasure for our clients is your genuine, ethical, easy-going personality. You don’t need be the life of the partay. But you got to be a winner of people’s hearts

  • A well equipped arsenal: It’s often said it’s the photographer who makes great photos. That’s true. But there are still industry standards when it comes to equipment. 

  • A ninja talent: You must have a knack and an eye for quality photography, which combines both your innovation and your technical skills. This means you must have at least the basics of the main rules of composition and framing. The rest is experience, energy and a willingness to learn.

The Payoff

  • Referrals: Successful applicants who’ve proven their worth in shoots will be included in our trusty circle of shooters-in-arms. This means client enquiries will certainly be referred your way when our own bookings overflow (as it already has this year).

  • Networking & Training: Our aim that we pool together our collective talent, expertise and lessons-learned over time. We will also provide training opportunities exclusively for the team in order to hone in our skills even more.

  • Payment: While the first wedding you shoot with us will be unpaid, payment in subsequent weddings will depend on the length of the wedding and the quality of your work. These are negotiated with you beforehand.

  • Experience: Most of all, the experience you accumulate by teaming with us is of incalculable value. Every shoot will make your stronger, sharper, better, more creative, more imaginative, more everything.

Getting Started

If you’ve read this far and went, “YES, that’s ME”, then please fill out and submit this form below. If you are chosen, a team member will personally meet with you to discuss your aims and expectations. Then if successful, you’ll be called up to tag along with us on our next wedding where we’d like to see you in action as a third wheel shooter (though of course with limited obligations). This first wedding, which will be unpaid, will be mainly for us to assess the quality of your work, personality and potential working relationship.

If everything’s a green light, and we feel like you’ve got what it takes, we’ll then schedule you in for future dates as a paid shooter. Your journey with Ballyhoo Photography has begun!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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