frequently asked


How do I book with Ballyhoo Photography & Videography?
We receive more enquiries than can be accommodated. Bookings are secured with a 10% retainer (EFT Bank Transfer). The remainder of the balance is due a month before the wedding date.

Are there extra travel fees if our wedding, engagement or venue is out of Sydney?
There are no fees when travelling within Sydney metropolitan areas. However, for locations out of town there is a small fee to cover the cost of travel. Between 50 - 70km outside of Sydney CBD it’s $100 per car used and between 80 - 120km it’s $160.

Do we need to provide meals for the team?
We’d love that! Being on our feet most of the day does take its toll! We request a meal for each of the shooters at the reception. We highly prefer the meals to be served at the same time and in the same room as the guests so the photographers and videographers can be most ready when the speeches happen.

How do you select which photographer or videographer for the day?
Each one of our selected shooters have the easy- going, fun and artistic persona which embodies the Ballyhoo spirit! We select your crew based on availability and some cultural fit as well.

How do we meet our photographer or videographer?
All our packages (unless they’ve been customised) come with a pre-wedding engagement shoot which is the perfect way to meet your lead photographer as he or she will be the one who’ll lead on your wedding day. In the case where a pre-wedding shoot is not done, our photographers are happy to meet with you in any way, for example, phone call, Skype or a face to face.

What is a Same Day Edit?
Only you get to see the whole day unfold from start to finish. But imagine your family and guests at the reception being able to watch a cinematic highlight of your wedding day set to a song of your choice. Our Same Day Edits are known to be a real giggle and tear-jerker, you’ve simply got to experience it!

What is included in your Videography packages?
All our Video packages contain both a Cinematic Highlight and Full-Length Coverage. The Full-Length Coverage contains all of your formalities edited in full (wedding ceremony, reception speeches, tea ceremony etc.) while the Cinematic Highlight is a film trailer of the day that can be shared with your family and friends! There are also other types of films that you might consider, such as Pre-Wedding Films or a Same Day Edit. Send us an enquiry and we’ll help you!

What is a Pre-Wedding Video?
Pre-wedding videos are a great way to showcase your personality and story with each other; from the timeless moments of giggles and tears shared through the journey all the way to the engagement and the expected wedding date! We believe that each couple has a story to tell and we’d love to help share that to all your family and friends and get them excited about the upcoming wedding!

  • Our award winning videographers will assist to cater each video specifically to your precious moments. We offer a few different pre-wedding films such as:

    • Love Story Films (how we met, how he proposed, what we love about each other)

    • Save the Date (our wedding is coming up!)

    • Concept Films

Do you go interstate and overseas weddings?
Yes, we love to travel! We have shoot numerous weddings since 2014 around Australia, including Fiji, Malaysia and Singapore. So long as you cover the travel cost and necessary accommodation we’re easy! Contact us with details of your destination wedding and we’ll take care of the rest.